Covid Protected Business provide safe and hygienic workplace for its members, employee's and customers nationwide
Covid Protected is driven to help businesses and create best safety practice in managing and monitoring at workplace's,
We are passionate about achieving the highest levels of professional standing health and safety.
We are committed to helping and supporting businesses and its customers within the long term.

Covid Protected Businesses displays, Covid Protected logo and registration certificate. please make sure the business your enquiry is about either one of Covid Protected, Partner, Associate or Business.


We help business create an effective assessment plan and daily check lists

We inform employees against the Covid and the importance of hygiene

We provide personalised safety manual, registration certificate and online membership with
Covid Protected Businesses

Online and on the field
ongoing support
help and advice
For Businesses

What is Covid, What happened and How did we respond ?


Helping small businesses create an informal and written
healthy and safety workplace plan against Covid.

We have created a system and standards to protect businesses from Covid related viruses and provide businesses with workplace risk assessment, staff training and ongoing advice and updates about covid, We help businesses create new rules and regulations and achieve more safety at workplaces. !! To implement Covid Protected standards, business memberships and full information about how to sign up visit.